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“I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things.” Emma Goldman

I'm glad you found me.


What’s so special about me? I'd say a few things: first instinct may lead you (and me) to think it's my unbelievable curves, but honestly? I'd have to go with my heart. I bring an unrivaled level of care and attention to all my relationships. When we’re together I am fully present and attentive, interested in who you are and the things you believe in.

What do i believe in?

Well, Emma Goldman put it pretty well in the quote at the top of this page. I believe that we are increasingly isolated by all of the stressors of modern life, and that we deserve more than anything, to be held, seen, and cared for. I want to create a safe space for exploration, comfort, and of course, fun. I absolutely love to laugh and connect with people.

I myself identify as queer, with a whole bunch of other things underlying i guess. I like to look past the constraints of societal “norms” to find out who we truly are as people, or who we can be. I'm a real good time and immensely caring. I love to try new things and work together to find what feels good.


On a typical day, you can find me playing guitar, reading zines, practicing my spanish, or outside exploring and climbing on everything. I also love to go out, whether to a dive bar or cheeseburger joint, a fancy restaurant for fresh seafood, an all night rave, or just to a park to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

I move around a lot, I hope I can catch you wherever I am 🖤

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