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While the only way to truly know me comes by diving in head first, I'll give you a head start...

Some Fun Facts:

- I have been to 49 states 

(Bonus points if you can guess the 1 I have not seen!)

- I mostly live out of my truck these days

 - I am learning Spanish and Italian

(Watch my heart melt if you talk to me in these languages)

- I am a BIG animal lover 

- I was a baton twirler for 10 years

My Favorite Activities:

- Biking, hiking, climbing, camping

- Walking around in my socks outside 😅


- Cooking

 - Traveling

- Exercising

(especially rock climbing and aerial silks)

- Winter sports

(I spend 2 months skiing every year) 

Other Favorites:

- Authors: Kurt Vonnegut and Adrienne Maree Brown

- Movies: Anything Studio Ghibli

- Music Genres: Folk Punk, Pop Punk, and Emo

- Place I've ever been: Road tripping through the Alps

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